Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Laoise of Sionnan

Laoise awoke to the early morning mists rolling out over her forest home. She got up slowly and slung her bow and quiver over her shoulder clad  in a green tunic and brown leggings for hope she would blend into the forests. 

Under the thick green canopy, dappled sunlight burned away the mists on the higher places while it lingered in the wild entangled shrubbery close to the rivulet that trickled from on of three rivers that fed her hidden people. Laoise felt the cool fog raise gooseflesh from her pale skin and felt invigorated. Elves always felt a deep connection to the natural world, and Laoise was training to become a Sister to defend the forest.

Yet despite all of that, she never felt more connect with nature than when she strolled through Sionnan Forests alone with her bare feet pressing into the soils. No ancient magic or lessons, or even prayer and meditation could match Laoise's strolls. Deer crunched over the leaves, and birds flew over head. The forest was alive and teeming with life much like the fish in the rivers and Laoise was a part of all of it.

That was when she heard it. It was a sound Laoise had not heard in the deep of the forests for quite sometime. A creature that walked on two feet rather than four, but far too light on their feet to be human. She picked it up with her keen Elven senses, and heard it up in a towering tree. Weary, Laoise knocked an arrow into her bow and climbed upwards, hoping it might be one of her people but also knowing this deep in Sionnan she had to be careful.

Slowly she climbed and was shocked to see who stood on the branch above her. The Elf stood hunched over with her bow taut and aimed at her with red-gold hair dressed in a forest green tunic and brown leggings...Laoise was staring at herself!

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