Thursday, 2 October 2014

Welcome to the Staff the Sword and the Pen!

Dear Readers,
I am a fiction writer writing in the genre of fantasy, mostly high fantasy hence the title of this blog "The Staff the Sword and the Pen".  Stories have the potential to take us on a journey to another world where there is wonder and light, but also untold horrors. We enjoy and learn from stories and the experience is often a treasured one.

I hope to take you on such a journey with the several stories I will be posting on this page.
 You can find work of mine not only on this site but also on: (a contest prompt, and will be featured in their 2014 ebook

 anthology of contest winners to be released near march)

amateur writing den (for memebers only)

describli (also members)

I am also a wrimo for you wrimos out there

I am also horribly indecisive and over the years have bounced around with pen names, so here they are:

Lily Gardner

Lily-Maeve La Fey

and Maeve La Fey

and my primary blog  and publications on dkc are my under my real name Deborah J. Anderson.

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