Saturday, 15 November 2014

Song of Nya

A woman floated among the aged rowans, floating between the with the thick mists trailing behind her.  She emerged from the leafy bower concealing her revealing the most beautiful woman Nya had ever seen. The tall slender woman was robed in elegant white with long rowanberry hair tailing past her knees. She held an oaken staff adorned with ivy and white flowers, staring at Nya and Sevren with emerald eyes. There Nya and Sevren beheld the fairy queen, alone in the starlit meadow with only mists to hear them.
Aeglosson let out a cry and curled up around Nya's shoulders. His cold flesh sent a chill down her spine, but she shushed and comforted the baby dragon anyway. Sevren bowed immediately to one knee and pulled her down with him. "It is an honour, my queen."
"Rise," the fairy woman said to them. "Why have you summoned me?"
Sevren and Nya looked at each other briefly then turned back to the fairy queen, her green eyes burning holes into them. Summoning the faerie queen had been Nya's idea. As terrifying as she was said to be, Nya took her best friend and dragon with a silver bowl and filled it with water from a fairy pool during the twilight and did the unthinkable…Nya spoke the fairy queen's name.
"Speak!" the queen demanded. "I am thousands of years old, but I do not endure all with patience. I have much to tend to, why have you summoned me."
Nya choked out a couple syllables before she could finish. "I was told you can undo even the strongest enchantments."
The fairy queen sighed and lightly touched Aeglosson's muzzle. "You want your memories back."
Nya jumped back surprised she knew. Many claimed some trauma was to blame for her missing years, others agree it was an enchantment, and Sevren insisted it was simply a blow to the head until the Blue Wizard told her that she had been a victim of great magic. The fairy queen had not known her from a moment…unless…
"I did not see you before this." The fairy queen snapped. "I don't need great magical powers or telepathy to know you were thinking that. It would be easier for you if did not ask how I know what I do."
"Great fairy queen," Nya shook but powered her way through the fear. "Will you grant me my memories?"
"What?" she cried grabbing the fairy queen's arm before thinking. "You have to…"
"I have to do nothing." she replied coolly shaking off her hand. "But your memories will be the last thing you worry about if you lay a hand on me again."
Nya recoiled before falling to her knees. "Please. I need my memories…I…It's not just for me."
"I know your concerns," she said simply. "Before you rose again you saw something of great importance. You believe somewhere in your lost memories lie the answer to all your worries. But the amulet of Amnell is better lost than found. Heed my warning, Nya. Your true past, name and childhood are best lost if it prevents the amulet of Amnell finding another pawn."
"The kingdom will fall without the amulets power…" she choked.
"Then it shall."
The mists rose once again and engulfed the gentle form of the fairy queen and once they parted she was gone. 

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