Sunday, 2 November 2014

Two Pages of Halloween/Woman in WhiteTh

I had intended to write a highfantasy halloween story for you. But I didn't :(. To make up for it, here are several stories from some very talented story tellers. 

And here's one I wrote for you to read if you like ghost stories.

The Woman in White
The house was old. I knew that, but it was everything I could have wanted. It was a small cottage surrounded by trees, I felt as if I were deep in the forest, although I was only in a small patch of trees on top of a cliff, below I could the sound of the waves. It was perfect.

My first night at the place I thought a heard crying outside my window. Shivering, I got up to pear out my window, but there was only darkness and the trees beyond. Thinking it was only the cries of the wind on the water I went back to sleep. The next night I heard the same cry, and looked out the window to see a woman with long black hair in a white dress standing amidst the trees. She stood there, so still in the pale moonlight, head pointed in my direction. I couldn't make out her features, but she turned away from me and vanished into the trees. I took to my feet and went to follow the woman in white, throwing my robe on and grabbing a flashlight to head outside. But when I reached her the woods, and followed the trail to the end of the cliff, she was gone.A chill ran down my spine and I went back into my home and tried to sleep, curling up in the covers praying it was just my imagination.On the third night I heard the crying I saw her. Once again, out my window, but this time, the woman in white was walking toward my window slowly with her hand reaching out.I stared at her and turned to leave the house once more. I found her standing beside the window from the outside. She turned to look at me from the porch, I still could not make out her features as her hair was swept in front of her face. She turned away and again began to walk into the woods, crying. I followed her. I actually managed to keep an eye on her through the trail, following the barefoot woman again to the end of the cliff."Stop!" I cried, but the weeping lady spread her arms and threw herself over the edge. I ran to the edge of the cliff and looked down. I did not see her falling nor remains strewn among the jagged rocky shore. All I saw were the moving waters below.
I did not sleep that night. I waited in the living room hidden in under my blankets with all of my lights on. I waited till morning in a fetal position and as soon the sun was up.With the clothes on my back I left the house, running as fast out the door as feet could carry me. Once I was out the door I saw the woman in white, walking slowly toward me with her hand reach out toward me. She was no longer weeping.I stood staring at her until she reached me, standing only a foot away from me and her hand nearly at my neck, when she suddenly vanished again.I left the cottage that day and to this day have never returned to my dream home, not even to gather my things, because when I tried I saw her reflection staring at me in the window.

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